Tezos NFTs Meet Tourism - Tezumura Ukiyo-Verse

"5,555 Villagers of Tezumura, the ancient Tezos community in the Ukiyo-verse. “Ukiyo” means Floating World in Japanese. The land where people have a fun and extraordinary life. From farmers to Buddha, everyone’s wearing a Mask that represents their role in the village."

Launched on April 15th, 2022, Tezumura is a Japanese NFT art collection depicting unique and delightfully creative character masks designed by Japanese - Thai Artist, Sarisa Kojima.

Her creation was inspired by the traditional Japanese woodblock print "Ukiyo-e" and the modern culture she grew up in present-day Japan. Her art shows many aspects of her childhood, from sci-fi robots to bright colors and samurais.

There is more to the project than artistic value, let’s get into what Tezumura has planned for the travel industry and tourism within Japan.

Tourism and Community

During the COVID-19 pandemic, not only Japan, but tourism worldwide suffered from a severe downtime and even today with countries opening borders to travelers there's been fewer tourists. Sarisa Kojima, the founder of Tezumura Ukiyo-Verse is seeking a way to connect the Tezos ecosystem to Japan.

"It is not easy to create an NFT project and provide utility for a community, but it's something we are determined to do in a way never seen before and create real-world art experiences that anyone can participate in! The world is always looking for innovation so we are exploring new ways using Web3 technology to get the communities involved."

Sarisa is a female Artist-Entrepreneur who wants to see tourism and NFTs progress.

"The idea for Tezumura came to me in late 2021. I used to work in the tourism industry in Japan, and after seeing the magnitude of the pandemic I knew there would be difficulties attracting new tourists for the foreseeable future. So I decided to call my old colleagues to share my ideas about a new project that can help bring something exciting and experimental to the travel industry while using Web3 technology."

With the goal of connecting NFTs, tourism, interactive art, and communities together - Tezumura NFT collection on the Tezos blockchain aims to be a pioneer in real-life NFT experiences. "We started to think about how blockchain technology could help lift up tourism. One thing we are certain of is to use NFTs as a way to prove attendance or issue them as tickets. So the team began to research and started reaching out to travel agencies, museums, and amusement parks in Japan to collaborate."

The roadmap of this project has yet to be revealed. However, after the launch period, the team at Kojima Project plans to release the first chapter of the Tezumura roadmap, including a community raffle and art contest, an online store, and a special collection.

After feedback from the community, the project will release the next chapter which will be fully connected with tourism and travel experiences voted for by Tezumura holders.

With the help of industry partners, Kojima Project has the opportunity to reward the Tezumura community with a variety of giveaways and prizes.

Additionally, more art events and activities will be announced and held throughout the upcoming weeks and months for Tezumura holders to participate in.

Contingent on the success of the project, an interactive AR experience featuring Tezumura NFTs could be in the works as well.

Kojima Project has the potential to really shake up the tourism industry in Japan along with providing collectors high-quality art with a very unique personality.

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